Artektron develops, produces and supplies electric actuators, electric linear actuators and control systems for actuator solutions, mainly for ergonomically adjustable furniture for home and office use.

The new E-Series is a complete system specially designed for easy integration in the customers furniture. The E-Series is the obvious choice if you have the construction and only need to add the controlled movement.

Artektron is the perfect supplier whether you need a complete solution or if you prefer to use your own motor or actuator in which case Artektron can supply the control. In this case we would, in a close cooperation with you, develop a custom control system for just your application

In both cases the result will be unbeatable.


ARTEKTRON AB - actuators and control systems

Artektron test-lab is located in Halmstad, Sweden. The lab is equipped with life-cycle simulation and a sound lab accordingly to the ISO-3745 standard.

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